Matthias Schmidt GmbH - Stapler-Service
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We are here to help you!

Qualified and professional advice is an essential foundation for our success.

We present ourselves as a dealership that is equipped with all the modern benefits and a very good service, on-site as well as in our repair workshop.

If a forklift transport is required, we are able to transport your forklift with our own Unimog low-loader.

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Our perfectly trained technicians repair your forklift professionally, on-site or in our workshop. If required, replacement forklifts are available during the times of repair.

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Spare Parts

With our spare part management, we want to assure a complete operational capability of your forklifts and enable you a short-term and multi brand supply.

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Driver training

Safety first - hence no drive without a forklift driving license. The legislator therefore requires a training and test of the drivers of industrial trucks.